What is your shipping policy?

 We ship all TALU orders out once a week from our headquarters in sunny Los Angeles with your choice of all UPS or USPS shipping options. Most orders shipped with standard mail and will arrive within 5-7 days!

Can I cancel, return, or change my order?
We want you to love your TALU products as much as we do although at this time we cannot process returns once a product has already been processed.

For cancellation pre shipment or any other inquiries please email us at info@thingsarelookingup.co with your Order # in the subject line and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Where can I shop TALU in person? 
We don't have a traditional storefront, but we are sold in tons of amazing shops across the US and internationally! Find out more about those from our instagram (@allthingsarelookingup)!

Can I get on your Newsletter?
Absolutely! Sign up our home page.

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately at this time we do not offer shipping outside of the continental United States. In the future we hope to be able to expand to offer THINGS ARE LOOKING UP® tools worldwide. Untill then, if you want to see TALU at a local store near you tell your store about us and tell us about the store! 

Can I buy TALU for my business?
Yes you can! We offer special pricing for businesses looking to bring TALU into their shop, for corporate gifts, or any other way you'd like to bring a little more optimism into the world! Email us at info@thingsarelookingup.coto find out more with "WHOLESALE INQUIRY" in the subject line!